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*cringes at how late this is* I’m so sorry. Happy (really really late) holidays to Zelinxia! They wanted Kurogane getting hugs because he is the best papa and also one giant teddy bear, which I thought sounded awesome, so I’ve done my best with it. Hope you enjoy!

fandom: tsubasa reservoir chronicle

rating: t

pairings: kurofai, syaosaku (background), tsubasa family

warnings: stupidly long for a fluff piece. too many hugs to be viable in the pain-filled universe of clamp. plus, this has a ridiculous amount of christmas in it (so much that I’m ashamed to be posting it in february).

AO3 // DW

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This is my veeeeeeeery late gift for kamuishiro! I’m sooooo sorry, I hope you like it!
They requested:

TRC!Kamui/X!Kamui - fluff/angst/nsfw/anything really, total freedom here, again, fic or art.

So I made some Kamuis looking all bishie surrounded by poppies. I regret the poppies very much, I don’t have the patience to draw plants. orz

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The deadline for gifts was yesterday, yet there are still 7 who Santas who haven’t completed theirs. 3 of them have contacted us already, and promised to have theirs up soon. We’ll talk to the other 4 ourselves. If you haven’t received your gift yet, please don’t worry, we’re going to make sure everyone gets something. Worst case scenario, we have to assign you a new Santa who is willing to fill another request.

If you haven’t posted or contacted us saying you’ll be late…please please get on that. It isn’t fair to your person otherwise.

If you have posted yours and simply mistagged it or something, please let us know and drop us a link. Everything that’s been reblooged here is all that we’ve found.

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For rinalism on this year’s CLAMP Secret Santa event:

1 Kuro/Fai enjoying a snow day together

I’m so, so sorry this is a day late. orz I left it to the last week like a douche and then didn’t have access to a working scanner. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

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Title: Restraint
Pairing: Hokuto/Tomoyo
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,331
Summary: A harmless bit of flirting is just that: harmless. It is nothing more.
A/N: For esmethenotsogreat. I’M SO SORRY IT TOOK ME UNTIL THE VERY LAST DAY TO GET THIS FINISHED FOR YOU. ;u; I was busy with exams up until Christmas, and I left Christmas day to go to Paris for awhile, and I just recently got back, so… I hope it was worth the wait! For those who are wondering, the prompt I was given was “HokuTomo, horitsuba!verse where hokuto is the textiles teacher and tomoyo is her star pupil, its almost scandalous how much they flirt with each other but it’s mostly harmless…or is it? hohoho.” Don’t ask how Hokuto is a teacher but Subaru is seen as a student in the comics. Don’t ask. Just read. Shhh… Also, to avoid confusion, the Syaoran in this is the Syaoran that’s always embarrassed when he talks to Sakura in Horitsuba Gakuen. I avoided saying his brother’s name because Syaoran/Sharoan is just to confusing. Long author note: end.
Warnings: A bit of borderline NSFW near the end, but nothing too intense

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This is diannedejarjayes, I was reshki CLAMP secret santa, I’m really sorry for made you wait too long, here they are.. high school AU Yasha and Ashura.

the amazing background isn’t mine, it’s a free material from pixiv フリー素材 背景 通学路02 by 彩 雅介.

I hope you like it. ♥♥

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I Hope you enjoy! so you requested Watanuki and Domeki on a date. This was the best I could think of. Lol Watanuki made food and Domeki proceeded to fall asleep on Watanuki after he finished his meal… lol I dunno. Sorry for the crummy camera work but I hope you like.

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Konnichi wa Roxi-tan, I’m so so so so sorry the delay. Eto…

The fic is AU; I hope it’s all right to you, eto… There come more episodes (if you want it!!!)… but there are still in process (traslate/writing)

I’m from Mexico and my english is not so good. I’m better translating english-spanish stuff and understanding what I’m reading and listening than writing and speaking in english… and eto… I didn’t want to ruin it so I ask for help. All the credits for this translate is to my ototou Eli-chan and her friend Kayle, she’s amazing.

Also i want to thank Thepinkusagi cuz she helped me a little whn i was desesperate…

Without anything else to say, I let you with the fic


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trc } the end is where we begin

Hello, May. I was your secret santa and here is the video you requested. I chose the second song because I simply fell in love with it, I hope you don’t mind. Also I’m so sorry because this mmv is so bad, especially the first 20 seconds or so. I could have done so much better but it just wasn’t working out. And the song is super hard to edit to. I’m also late so yeah I screwed up a lot. Of course these are only excuses and they won’t fix anything but I still hope you’ll like this video. If not I can try and make something better this weekend.

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My CLAMP Secret Santa entry for contagiousgeekery
You wanted Sumeragi twins being happy, so here you go.

Also feel special, this is my first digital art with two characters in it ever. Just for you.